Dear Friends,

I am a true southern girl in the heart and soul of the south. I pride myself as the daughter, wife, and sibling of veterans and find it a huge honor with every military member I work with. I am a mother to three beautiful children that fill my heart with joy every day. I am blessed to walk this earth daily and try my best to not take that for granted. 

On most days you will find me in the chaos of my home, schooling my awesome kiddos. When I find time, I treat myself to amazing pedicures, a good book, and a hot cup of tea. In the colder days of NC, my favorite past time is cozing up to a bustling fire with my hubby and a good movie.

Through the years, I have always enjoyed a good love story. I love a most romantic chick flicks and hearing your stories just make me swoon as I learn more about you. It never fails when working with you, catching those sweet moments that show and remind me how much you love each other. I still catch those moments from my husband all these years later. 

Love is truly a magical and powerful tool. Love breaks barriers,  reminds us of past times, and brings happiness into our lives that we may have never known. Finding your soulmate is a celebration in itself and something you want to let go of. Being able to freeze that in time is an amazing super power that I love to share.

I hope that you will continue to explore my beautiful website and click that magical contact me button! I would love to meet you at my favorite coffee shop and talk all details of your special day!

Until then…

xo, Lisa

A Few of our Favorite Things

A beautiful sunset view of the Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg, TN
A mother holding tightly to her child | Photo Credit: Heather Butler Photography
A gorgeous night image of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France